What is FAIR Plastic?

FAIR Plastic is a trademark and your guarantee for choosing sustainable plastic that makes a difference.


Plastic is amazing and contributes in many ways to more sustainability. But the consequences of our management of plastic waste have reached deep waters. Literally.

Only 30% of all Danish plastic waste is recycled. It is primarily clean and consistent plastic waste that has been recycled for decades, but that obviously doesn’t change the plastic problem we are plagued by right now.

The problem stems from the enormous amounts of mixed, unclean plastic waste that isn’t utilized properly, neither in Denmark nor in the rest of the world. Fossil resources are lost and our climate and environment foot the bill. That is not fair.

Every year Denmark produces

tons of plastic waste


Plastic waste primarily containing clean and consistent types. It is recycled in proper processes that have been employed for decades, but obviously do not solve the problems with plastic waste.



The major part is mixed and unclean plastic waste that is not properly utilized. It is this kind of plastic waste that causes the largest damage to our environment and has the greatest impact on our climate.

FAIR Plastic recycles plastic waste from that

Traditional recycling of plastic is good. But it does not push the demands that the new climate plan makes and it does not contribute to further reduction of our CO2 balance. FAIR Plastic does.

With FAIR Plastic, a new, Danish plastic feedstock is introduced that addresses these problems from the bottom up. FAIR Plastic is extracted from the mixed and unclean plastic waste from the Danish households, shops and companies. This gives us the opportunity to save much more of the fossil resources. And with +200,000 tons of plastic waste that is not properly utilized, there is room to think big.

FAIR Plastic for you – from you

Are you part of the circular process? Circular economy focuses on getting all the processes to add up. Do you discard in an eco-friendly way? – then it is just as important to shop in the same way. If you don’t, you will end up being ‘the missing link’ in the circular process.

In circular economy, no one is self-sufficient. We all need you. We need you to demand recycled plastic materials and products that have been extracted from your own mixed and unclean plastic waste, the very same plastics that now pollute and affect our Earth and the oceans.

– what do you choose?


01/ Denmark generates more than 340,000 ton of plastic waste every year. Less than 30% is recycled. The rest is still not properly recycled.


02/ Plastic waste is collected from Danish homes, shops and companies.


03/ The plastic waste undergoes an advanced selection process where the different types of plastics are sorted. During this process the plastic also undergoes a thorough cleansing where all alien elements are removed.


04/ The now clean and sorted plastic is being dried, melted and further cleansed from impurities.


05/ Several types of FAIR Plastic feedstock are now ready to be used, entirely or in part, in the production of new plastic products.


06.1/ DO YOU CHOOSE FAIR PLASTIC?   A new, sustainable and fair feedstock is now available. A feedstock that saves fossil resources and reduces the strain on the environment and the climate.


06.2/ IF YOU CHOOSE TRADITIONALLY RECYCLED PLASTIC, it contains clean and consistent plastic waste that has been a part of recycle processes for decades. This is really good, but it does not change the amount of mixed and unclean plastic waste that causes all the problems.


06.3/ DO YOU CHOOSE VIRGIN PLASTIC? Then you choose the standard in the industry. It is easy, quick and profitable. But it is also exploitation of the world’s resources. It ought to be the last plastic of choice, but when no one demands recycled plastic, this is the preferred choice on the market.


07/ The plastic industry meets your needs. When you demand sustainable plastic, you concurrently make a real difference for the circular process to add up, so that Danes can buy their own plastic.


08/ Where does your plastic end up? If you demand recycled plastic, discard in a eco-friendly wway and shop likewise, we end up buying our own plastic waste … again and again and again…

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